Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So after being harassed, asked, and bothered (all good naturedly of course) by friends, family, clients and the like, to have something websitish, I finally decided to put this thing together.

Preso chango rearrango - TA DA! O'Brien Objects now has a presence on the world wide web.

Today's challenge: make an address sign for the lawn.

Anyone who has ever driven to our house, has probably had the opportunity to find a nice turn around spot after missing our drive. So today, I decided to make a sign with our address on it. "What?" you say, "Why aren't you working on your fabulous ornaments for the holiday season that is fast approaching?" To that I reply, "umm, like, well, you see, I got this idea to make a sign...."

So here are step by step instructions, so you can make one too!

Step 1: come up with the Plan - spend no money and get it done asap
Step 2: find the materials - metal tube, stake, scrap wood (thanks Dad!), paint, blah, blah, blah
Step 3: put together-ha! easier typed than done.
Step 4: get out of the rain
Step 5: start a blog
Step 6: pay for the fuel oil (I am getting a bit off target, aren't I?!)
Step 7: wait for paint to dry
Step 8: wait some more
Step 9: make eggplant patties and Shepard's pie! yum
Step 10: I'll get back to you later with the results...

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erinairout said...

Step #11 - Take picture of said sign so all can know what to look for as we whiz past the wagon wheels! and driveway
big sis