Sunday, November 2, 2008


This past weekend, I sold a bunch of my ornaments at the Art in the Box show. The show was organized by Faune "the awesome" who works for the ArtsPlace, and was held at the Dogwood Center in Fremont. Having a successful show reminds me of how fun art fairs can be.

I even remembered to hand out ART LOCAL buttons!

Chester (the potter and husband to Cara) and I came up with the idea of making these buttons and handing them out to our customers as a thank you. Also we like to think of ART LOCAL as a movement, similar to Local First, or Eat Local. In this movement, community members and local artists recognize the specialness of the transaction that takes place when buying something from the person who made it. So instead of getting tons of mass manufactured junk, you get something that is quality and full of handmadeness, and dare I say, made with "love".

Ahhh love, yes. That is what it is all about. People making things because they are drawn to creating, not because they are a cog in the wheel of industry. People buying thing because they see the value of unique ideas and original designs. And then reacting to those ideas and designs in an emotional way. What a match!

And while as an artist, I fall in and out and back in love with the projects I work on, I never under appreciate those people who lay down their cold hard cash in support of my endeavors. The cash is nice (and necessary) but it really makes me feel good when others like my work enough to want to take it home.

Sometimes these same customers even listen to the tale of the "Never Ending Ground Squirrel". They are real gems (the people, not the squirrels)