Friday, January 30, 2009

Uncomfortable Animals

Oh, so sad. Oh, so cute.

Something I have been working on for a few months - Uncomfortable Animals - are beginning to get my wheels turning again. I am thinking about branching out to grumpy monsters, or something along those lines. But right now I have five different depressed creatures lurking in the corner of my studio, including a soggy bat, queasy snail, dizzy giraffe, hungry cat, and chilly bird.

These little tiles came about because there are hundreds of little spots in the kiln that were not being used. So I thought I should make something to fill this wasted space, and began to make ornaments. Then my work kept shrinking until now the tiles are tiny, tiny, tiny. Maybe they will shrink into nonexistence.

Today I am working on getting my small porcelain tiles turned into jewelry up on my etsy page. ( ) It is pretty cool thing, that someone with limited computer skills can get involved in selling and buying handmade stuff online with minimal strife.
Plus it makes me work on my photography skills. Although most of the photos of the ornaments were taken by Justin Munter - a way good photographer & friend - check out his work at . I have web site envy.

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Brian and Becky said...

I love them! And...I love the monster idea!