Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Spring!

After a much needed break from the great white (or gray) North, we took a vacation to Georgia and then to Pittsburgh, PA. A tour of friends, art, and all things springy, if you will. Visiting the Carnegie , Warhol, and Frick museums, and enjoying many many great drinks, we are back to work in Michigan.

And as part of that work, I am listing a bunch of my latest creations on Etsy. Slip trailing has taken a turn to the earrings and here is an example! The Infant of Prague project has really got my creative brain parts engaged.

The Infant of Prague project is well underway, and is drying. VERY slowly! I don't want it to warp, so the almost 7" tiles have been drying for well over two weeks. I got the full scale drawing finished over a month ago, and it took me a bit to get the tiles rolled out. Or should I say, it took Chester a lot of effort to get the tiles rolled out. He says that working with porcelain is like working with toothpaste. Although I think it is pretty great stuff and the results will be well worth the efforts. It makes glazes look so good!


Brian and Becky said...

LOVE the earrings! Bring some down when you come for dinner, I just may buy some!

erinairout said...

Your new stuff looks great!

MariO said...

The red ones are exactly what I was imagining for the weddin'. Cept maybe no yellow flower. But I like the cirlce-y shape and the beading. Lovs you.