Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Infant of Progress

So I have been working, and working and working and actually have made progress on the Infant of Prague project! Tiles are almost completed (I have to re-fire one), and the cement board is anxiously awaiting its adhesive.

(here are photos of tiles getting glazed and some of the finished ones.)

Oh, and I now have heat in Le woodshed (other wise known as my workshop).

And I have been finishing up a jewelry order.

And I have a new NEPHEW!

And Mari and Mike got ENGAGED!

That is about it.


Brian and Becky said...

That's about it.


Geesh! Nothing like one little loaded post! Infant looks great. Congrats to all the sis's - and, hope to see you soon!!!

MariO said...

Yayay! You are a wonderful Sister of Progress. I love all of your new tiles. The Infant looks magnificent and peaceful.