Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tile Show and Open House Extravaganza!

Alas, the tile show is over. I forgot to post it ahead of time so now you can only enjoy my terrible photos. Jan Johnson, Russ Reagan and I put together this show at Terrestrial Forming Pottery Studio in Whitehall. It showcased how we stayed sane this past winter and even some of my new jewelry ideas (mini tiles).
It was really cool to see all of our tiles displayed together. I was also really excited to see so many people that I did not expect, come to the show. Overall it was a very fun (and exhausting) Sunday.

Besides our awesome one of kind tiles, Chester had homemade soda on hand, I made lemon squares (see them in the above photo-Don't they look good!) and a couple of dips, and Jan brought in box o' wine and lots of munchies. Russ, unfortunately, was ill, so he wasn't able to hang around. But hopefully he will get well soon....

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