Sunday, September 20, 2009

Infant is UP!

Thanks to the good work of Dr. Richard Van Lente and the Resurrection Cemetery near Grand Rapids the Infant of Prague feature is now complete. As you can see the tiles I created using slip trailing are surrounded by a metal frame which is mounted to a piece of granite. An upright curved piece of granite with flat matching top and bottom granite pieces complete the design.

Dr. Van Lente designed the granite feature and searched the world to find tile that would work for the center. Then we met up at a fundraiser for the ArtsPlace in Fremont, MI. And he talked me into trying to do it.

And am I glad he did! I am now tile crazy and making more and more tiles using slip trailing.

Once again Dr. Van Lente has changed my life. The last time was when he got me to go to Italy but that is another story.....