Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kiln Opening Celebration!!!

Photo of 2" porcelain tiles that I have been working on. Leaves and other outdoorsy things.

Photo of the kiln loaded up before it gets fired. Look at all those pots!!!!!

The last kiln firing of the season is done at Terrestrial Forming Pottery Studio, so now we celebrate! I had a bunch of really great tiles and ornaments come in this firing and Peter "the Potter" Johnson, and Chester (my man half), had over 900 pots and sculptures come out.

So in order to celebrate we planned a Kiln Opening Celebration and Holiday Open House for this Saturday, Dec. 19, from noon-6 p.m. I am making some breads and mulled cider for refreshments... yum!
Stop in and say "Hi" if you are in the area. The studio is located at 5385 Lamos Road, Whitehall, MI 49461-call 231-894-2341 if you are lost.
Happy Holidays to everyone!