Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Answer to Cold Feet

(the building in question)

Thanks to genetics, I have frozen feet in the winter. This is true especially when I work in my building and stand on the concrete floor. So I decided to make an insulated sub floor over my concrete floor.... Just in time for summer. I won't know how well it works for another 6 months, but here is how I making it.

Layer 1: Vapor Barrier: 6 mil plastic to keep moisture from seeping up through the concrete into the new sub floor (left over from other projects)

Layer 2: 2"x2" frame work with wood strips 16" on center. I nailed it together with 2.5" nails. 1.5" extruded foam insulation cut to fit the gaps between the wood (about 14.5" wide) R value of 7.5 (about $16 per sheet)

Layer 3: 3/4" tongue and groove plywood flooring screwed down to the 2"x2" frame

Paint: oil based printer (still drying...) and then Dutch Boy brick red porch floor paint. It will take two coats of the floor paint, but it is going to look good! And better than plain concrete.

I am over 1/2 way down now and will get photos posted when everything is back in place. Since in order to work on a floor, nothing can be on the floor.