Thursday, September 2, 2010

Grow Garden Grow

More photos (the color is off and there is a shadow at the top from my workbench, but that is what I get for trying to take photos from weird angles!)

The panels will get installed in the hospital soon and then in December (not sure of the date or time) there is supposed to be an open house at the hospital. Kids who helped make art for the hospital can see all 13 floors of artwork including the "Grow Garden Grow" tile mural!

GROW GARDEN GROW IS FINISHED (and ready to install!)

After working with many children (around 400+), completing many glaze tests and firings, setting, grouting and cleaning the tiles, I am happy to announce that "Grow Garden Grow" is completed! Chester and I crated it and delivered the 3 panels on Monday. Now the LaFontsee Gallery will install it in the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. I hear it is going on floor 6.....

So without further delay, here are some photos! (the shadow at the top of the panels is from my work bench, they will look a lot different mounted to the wall instead of on the floor!)

view from the door of the studio -three panels on the floor

Some cool ant drawings for the ant colony.

More photos soon!