Monday, February 21, 2011

West Michigan Artists Blog-My Narcissist's Dream

So a photographer friend of mine, Diane Zoellmer, has started a blog about West Michigan Artists. She asked me for an interview and I said "sure thing". So this is a lesson in being careful what you ask for! I don't think Diane knew what she was up against, but she did a great job getting my answers down. Now the whole world can see thoughts or lack there of...... But besides the post being all about me, the layout of the interview blog is really great and makes for easy reading. I cannot wait to see who they interview next!

And you can check out Diane's photos on ShutterCal too!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

From the Heart

The last of all the extra tiles from "Grow Garden Grow" have been used to create a heart tile piece. Kami and Rian (our most awesome nieces) drew these hearts for me. The tiles were made during a summer gathering at the Evan's house! (Thanks to big sister Erin!)

I just dropped off this tile piece and it will be going into the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in the near future. I hope it goes in the cardiac ward or near there abouts. Yeah!