Sunday, February 20, 2011

From the Heart

The last of all the extra tiles from "Grow Garden Grow" have been used to create a heart tile piece. Kami and Rian (our most awesome nieces) drew these hearts for me. The tiles were made during a summer gathering at the Evan's house! (Thanks to big sister Erin!)

I just dropped off this tile piece and it will be going into the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in the near future. I hope it goes in the cardiac ward or near there abouts. Yeah!


Brian and Becky said...

This is wonderful - I love it.

How big is it?

Cara said...

It is about 24"x30" I think. I forgot to measure it!

erinairout said...

My favorite part about this piece are teh small handprints you can see randomly spread around! Colors are awesome too!

MariO said...

So cool!!