Friday, January 20, 2012

Dusting off Old Projects: Part III

Here is a piece for in front of the Fremont Post Office. It is called "Writer's Stone" and is made of fabricated steel and a natural rock.

Below are the front and back shots of a sculpture made for the White Cloud Middle School. Students helped with making the 18 sections that make up the three pillars. It is fabricated from cast aluminum panels and stainless steel. I actually cast the panels at Muskegon Community College! What fun!

Dusting off Old Projects: Part II

Lori Hough and I made this bear and fish for a park in Mt. Pleasant in 2003. It is life-size, bronze and very heavy!

This is a 6' tall cross I designed and made for the First Congregational Church in Fremont. We had lights installed on the back so it glows. It is also bronze and very heavy.

This a bronze piece title "New worlds through Words" and is located at the Grant Middle School. It is a life size bronze and was completed in 2005. The books are also bronze.

And below is the public art piece that started it all. Ray Jansma designed it and asked me to help. I mostly sculpted the little boy. It is a life size bronze located in front of the Fremont Community Library. And it was completed in 2001.

Dusting off Old Projects: Part I

Thought I would include a few images of projects from my past. So here is a large tile mural that is in the Fremont Middle School titled "Garden of the Imagination". It is about 35 feet long by 7 feet tall and made from earthenware clay. I had lots of help making it, I think there were around 800 people involved! (I would have to double check my record to get the exact #) Many, many many handmade tile were made and installed! Here we are cleaning grout from little textures... It was completed in 2004.

Here is another project from the past: "Solace Under the Starry Sky" an 18'x8' mosaic made for the Grant Middle School in 2002. 200 kids helped cut, shape and glue tiles for this project!