Friday, January 20, 2012

Dusting off Old Projects: Part I

Thought I would include a few images of projects from my past. So here is a large tile mural that is in the Fremont Middle School titled "Garden of the Imagination". It is about 35 feet long by 7 feet tall and made from earthenware clay. I had lots of help making it, I think there were around 800 people involved! (I would have to double check my record to get the exact #) Many, many many handmade tile were made and installed! Here we are cleaning grout from little textures... It was completed in 2004.

Here is another project from the past: "Solace Under the Starry Sky" an 18'x8' mosaic made for the Grant Middle School in 2002. 200 kids helped cut, shape and glue tiles for this project!

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