Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Report from the Field

First Art Fair of the Season-An Adventure in Insanity

The first sign that this fair was not going to be great was the dead bird flattened and spread out in front of my booth space. Not to mention the 100% chance of rain and 47 degree temperatures the first weekend in June. Needless to say, sales were poor. 

The second day started with some shit. Literally. Dog probably. After that was cleaned up, we anticipated a day better than the one before since I only had on three shirts, a wool sweater, hat, and gloves but did not need my coat to keep normal body temperature. 

The best decision of the weekend was to get a decent hotel room by the airport. I had looked into a cheaper room option, but decided to go with a place my sister had stayed in before, since she said it had comfortable beds and was pretty quiet. I say the best decision because apparently the cheaper place had only a few hookers hanging out front where ours had none. Plus ours had an endless supply of hot water for the 45 minute long shower/bath I took after the first day the thaw out. Although I am sure it would have been entertaining to watch the Ladies of the Night, we instead watched "Storage Wars" on cable TV. 

Day two was much better in may ways, including the slow stripping off of clothes because we experienced normal June temperatures, plus there were actual customers who liked my stuff.  My favorite reaction was a woman who let out a really loud snort when she saw my "MINION" name tags. Although the wind picked up, so I had a true test of booth craftswomenship.  Mainly, how much wind would it take to destroy my set up?  This question was not yet answered.

I am glad to be able to end this post on an upbeat note, mainly, as Chester said, "No one died, and you made a profit."