Tuesday, January 15, 2013

100 Paper Sculptures Project

So I have this idea of making bunch of paper postcard sculptures for the Postcard Salon at the Muskegon Museum of Art.  My vision is to have 100 different relief paper sculptures made mostly from white card stock. The postcards have to be 4”x6” but can have any amount of depth.  The relief/depth would come from folding and gluing the paper into loop like shapes.  I think it would be cool, if everyone who wanted to make some would pick one other color of paper beside white, and throw a snippet of it into each of their postcards. That way they will be readily identifiable as yours.  I can only enter five works so I need some help getting up to 100. 

Here is a photo of one I completed using green paper.  

List of materials:
            4”x6” pieces of matt board (up to 5)
            Nail or little hole punch
            Scissors or  paper cutter
            White card stock
            Small bit of one other color of card stock other than white, I used a medium blue
            Glue, Ruler and a Pencil

Step one
Cut matt board to be exactly 4”x6”.  Cut a piece of white card stock to be 4”x6” as well. Label the back of the matt board with Your Name, Title of the first postcard (One of the Hundred #1), and Media (Paper).   

Step two-
Mark two holes on the 4” side of the matt board 1/2 “ from the top and 1” from each of the sides. Poke two holes into matt board (use a nail or small paper punch).  Put of piece of string through the holes and tie a knot on the front of the card to secure. This will be used to hang your postcard (I hope).

Step three
Glue the 4”x6” piece of card stock to the front of your postcard and cover up your string knot.  Press hard to get it sort of flat.

Step Four: Making the “loops”. 
Cut a bunch of piece of card stock in various widths.  I started with a 4” wide piece by 5” long.  Fold the ends over to make tabs and glue one, and then the other tab to the postcard to make a loop. You can start with one loop like I did or more than one loop in the first row.

Step five: Build off the first row of loops. 
Pick one of your various strips of white cardstock fold one end, glue it down and then without folding the other end, glue it to the first loop.  Or fold both ends and glue them down to the postcard. Or fold both ends, glue one to the post card and one to the first loop. Try different widths, heights, etc.  Experiment! See photos for variations on the theme.

Step six
Remember at some point sneak a strip of your colorful card stock into the postcard.  Just one loop so you can find yours at the Salon!

Continue on until you come to the end of the postcard, filling in all the space with loops. I went back over top with some thinner pieces and did not even fold the ends. I just glued them on. 


FINISHED!! (with #1 only 4 more to go!)


Things to know:
-Entries due January 27, 2013 to the Museum (or get them to me and I will get them to the museum) if you want to mail them: ATTN Post Card Salon, Muskegon Museum of Art, 296 W. Webster Ave. Muskegon, MI 49440. See the MMA website for full details.
-You can enter up to five postcards
-Label the back of each post card with
            Your Name
            Title -One of Hundred  #1-5 (i.e. One of the Hundred #1,  One of the Hundred #2, One of the Hundred #3 etc…)
-Have a sheet of paper that goes with the postcards that includes          
            Your name
            Your address
            Your Telephone number
            Your email address
            Titles of all the postcards
            Note that says Cara O’Brien can pick up my work if it does not sell (if you want me to get them back for you. If you are mailing them and want them mailed back, make sure to include return postage.)

All the postcards will be up for sale during the Salon on Feb 7 for $30.  You get $15 for each that sells. If they do not sell, I am willing to pick them up for you just let me know. See the Museums website for all the little details.  Unsold postcards need to be picked up by March 7.

 Any questions?